Thursday, January 27, 2011

Set In Stone

There is no turning back now! The SS Wally will soon be permanent after pouring the final slabs of concrete Thursday and Friday. It seems only yesterday when the grass was still green in the train circle.

The loading/unloading platform and the exit ramp for the SS Wally.

With the final cubic feet of concrete poured for the SS Wally, the next step is to hurry up and wait! The SS Wally is due to arrive in Erie, PA in early February in containers delivered from Italy. Unfortunately, there is not much to do until the snow starts to melt. Once the weather turns though, Wally Bear promises to have his ride put together in no time!

You might be able to see Wally Bear's paw print in the freshly poured concrete!
Wendy Bear on the other hand is taking her time putting together her ride. She says there is not much to it. She did decide on a color for her fence though, and almost all of the sections are already painted!


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