Monday, February 16, 2015

Building for a Big Summer

This frigid winter seems to have no end in sight, but that hasn't stopped work here at Waldameer and Water World. Construction crews are braving the cold and making daily progress on several ongoing construction projects. Thankfully, they have built some warm winter hideaways using tarps and things called "Torpedo Heaters." This week we get the chance to take a peek into couple these hideaways and see some projects as they come to life.

Back in September, this was just an empty plot of dirt. What could be inside?

It's the first set of new ticket booths! These lanes will be utilized for guests needing to purchase wristbands and Wally Cards.

Over here the Express Lanes are taking shape for guests with Season Passes and pre-purchased tickets.

Before you know it, you will be greeted to Waldameer with a bright new place to receive wristbands and Wally Cards. Look out for another similar set of Ticket Booths that will be located at the Park Entrance from the Peninsula Drive parking lot.

Across the Midway, a tasty new concession area takes shape. The all new Sub Shop will offer a wide variety of sub sandwiches adding even more concession options to Waldameer and Water World's delicious menu. 

The former Imagination Station is being transformed to accommodate food preparation areas and two guest entrances.

While guests are having their subs prepared, they will be treated to a nice view of the family-favorite Merry-Go-Round though these large windows.

We hope you enjoyed a much warmer WaldaBlog update on the winter happenings at Waldameer and Water World. Stay Tuned for next time as we venture our way into Water World for a highly anticipated Giant Wave Pool expansion update!