Monday, November 21, 2011

The First Look at L. Ruth Express II

Since the replacement of Waldameer's L. Ruth Express train engine last season, plans have been in the works to purchase a whole new train engine and coaches for the 2012 season. That means less time waiting in line and more time riding the Waldameer classic. Chance Rides has been working hard to get the L. Ruth Express II ready for delivery before the end of the year. But you will never guess where we spotted Waldameer's second C.P. Huntington train engine!

At the annual IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida! This yearly convention brings all sorts of vendors, manufacturers and amusement venues to one spot to learn, sell and buy all sorts of new and exciting items for the attractions industry. This year, Chance Rides featured Waldameer's very own L. Ruth Express engine at the show. This bright blue beauty was all ready to chug along Waldameer's tracks. But the new engine won't make it to Erie, PA until the rest of the coaches are ready to ship as well.

So now, we wait patiently until the new train is ready. Keep and eye out, you may just see it driving down the highway on it way to Waldameer soon!