Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cement Puzzle

As the delicious smells of turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie fill the air, it still smells like dirt and cement at Waldameer's new North End. But that is a good thing! Trenches are still being dug, cinder blocks are being laid and pipes are disappearing into the ground. The most recent arrival to the North End has been the new cement planters that will be filled with beautiful flowers during the summer.

They don't look like much now but I can assure you, with the touch of a few gorgeous flowers, they will  blossom!

Another arrival has most of Waldameer scratching their heads. No one can tell what it might be. It looks like a cement puzzle to most of us. I guess we will just have to attempt to put it together to see what it could be.

It is beautiful, what ever it is!

So enjoy your holiday traditions and fill up on good food and good company. But be sure to check back after football and pie to see what else has been going on at Waldameer.

Monday, November 22, 2010

2011 Season Passes Are Here

After much anticipation, Waldameer is now offering Season Passes for it's 2011 season! The Season Passes will work exactly as they have before, allowing individuals to visit the park every day of the season. There is a limited quantity available so act quickly before you miss your chance!

To purchase a 2011 Season Pass, visit or the Park Office during normal business hours.

Monday, November 15, 2010

2011 Season Passes?

After so much excitement for Waldameer's introduction of Season Passes for the first time in its history, it can only be assumed that they will be offered again for 2011. Yet no information has been divulged to this point. What could this mean? All will be revealed soon. So soon in fact, that by one week from today, you may already have heard...

Keep checking back often. It could be any day now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

More Photographic Evidence Uncovered!

In an astonishing find, more photographic evidence was uncovered that confirms the suspicions of Waldameer's 2011 expansion titled the North End.
At first there were skeptics, doubting the previous construction photos calling them "grainy" or "a clever use of photo shop". It seemed there would never be a clear answer whether the rumors of this wonderful expansion were true. Until now.

The following pictures of the brand new rides as well as more construction photos help put any doubts to rest.

As you can see, these new rides are as colorful as anyone could imagine, creating awesome displays of light, color and motion that seem to tickle your eyes. And, since all pictures can say at least 1000 words, these pictures seem to say words like "fun", "graceful", "laughter" and "excitement". So stay excited and keep checking back often. Word is there is more to come. As for now, case closed?

To see press releases, photos and more about the North End, visit

Also, visit to see the news article in the Erie Times along with video interviews.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

2011 Expansion Revealed!

For all who have been wondering, waiting to hear what Waldameer could possibly add to make it an even better park, scratch your head no longer! Today, Waldameer announced its 2011 plans for the expansion of a whole new section for the park titled the "North End". This brand new section will be located between the Sea Dragon and the Ferris Wheel where the L. Ruth Express makes its turn by the Ravine Flyer II. Beautiful gardens and an eight foot fountain will greet Guests as they enter under a 20' decorative metal archway displaying three new rides.
The largest of the rides is the Flying Swings. This 41', beautifully eye-catching ride combines light and color with a dual oscillating wave effect that will entice the entire family to ride. Riders will gracefully fly over the L. Ruth Express and enjoy views of Lake Erie, the Peninsula and the Ravine Flyer II.
The second ride will be Wendy's Tea Party, a spinning tea cup ride that will allow children to ride with their parents as they spin round and round. Each tea cup will have a manual steering wheel that will allow riders to control the direction and speed of their spin throughout the ride.
The third ride that Waldameer will introduce will be a rockin' tug ride called the SS Wally. This colorful boat will gently swing back and fourth as it whirls around creating a fascinating sensation that kids and adults will enjoy together. Rounding off the experience of the new North End will be plenty of gorgeous potted flowers, decorative bronze statues and welcoming benches with a variety of jazz music selections playing in the background provided by WQLN radio.
Keep looking for updates and new pictures on the blog and the Waldameer website as Waldameer continues to break ground for this wonderful new expansion!

Visit for the official press release.