Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Governor Comes to Town

Even though this past Thursday was muggy and wet, the attendees at the annual Erie Club picnic held at Waldameer were still able to enjoy themselves. One person in particular made a surprise appearance to the Erie Club picnic. Governor Tom Corbett was able to take time out of his schedule and stop by Waldameer to meet and greet and eat with the attendees. Of course we had to get a picture of the Governor during his visit to Waldameer. Luckily, Governor Corbett let Steve Gorman grab a quick photo with Wally Bear too! Thanks to the Erie Club and Governor Corbett for coming out to the park and having a great time!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Here, Here! The Grand Marshalls are Here!

A car fit for the Grand Marshalls!
Everyone knows that Waldmeer loves to celebrate summer holidays with great family fun and spectacular fireworks displays. But this year, Waldameer was honored by the Millrcreek Township to celebrate the Fourth of July a different way. The Waldameer family was asked to be the Grand Marshalls of the July Fourth Parade! Wally and Wendy were so excited! 

Wally and Wendy had a great time singing and tossing candy to everyone!

The parade was a blast with Wally and Wendy riding in the back of a truck as well as the Waldameer Showtime Theater Cast all tossing candy and waving to the throngs of smiling faces on either side of 12th Street.

The celebration went on for over an hour the morning of the Fourth and afterwards, all of the Waldameer staff had to get back to the park in order to open for the holiday! 

Wally, Wendy and Waldameer would like to thank Millcreek Township in letting us celebrate the United States Birthday with them!