Friday, July 5, 2013

Rain Didn't Hinder Independence Day Celebration

If you're from Erie, you know how Mother Nature has been showering us with plenty of rain this summer.

Luckily, despite the impending rain, we were able to shoot off our fireworks display on Wednesday. As usual, our good friends at the world-famous Zambelli Fireworks gave us a fantastic show.

Guests--whether riding the Ferris Wheel, playing a game, or huddling around a delicious funnel cake--all stopped and gazed skyward. Thanks, Zambelli!

We hope everyone had a great 4th!

Picture courtesty of Zambelli Fireworks.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Experience 117 Years of Waldameer

Ever wonder what Waldameer looked like in the 1930s? What about the original Rainbow Gardens ballroom or the original Ravine Flyer coaster?

Jim Furtrell, historian for the National Amusement Park Historical Association and friend of Waldameer, has captured the story of our park in a history book published this year. The best part is the book is full of photographs, like the ones below.

Jim's book can be purchased on our online store for $19.99 or here at the park in the Gift Shop.
1920s: Waldameer Midway

1930s: The original Ravine Flyer coaster station.

1935: Rainbow Gardens dance hall
1980s: Kiddieland bumper boats

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Visitors From Across the Pond

Yesterday, the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain visited the park to ride our coasters, especially the Ravine Flyer II.

GoErie put together a great video segment of their visit. Click here to watch. Thanks GoErie!

Waldameer was only one of 25 amusement parks the RCCGB visited during their "The Big 25 Tour" in the U.S. They sure are busy during their 17 days! A list of all the parks and coasters they're riding is here.

At Waldameer, we love coaster enthusiasts and coaster clubs, especially those who are as high-spirited as the RCCGB. Their laughs, smiles, whoops, and hollers remind us why we do what we do: amusement parks are fun!!

Thanks for visiting, Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain, and enjoy the rest of "The Big 25 Tour"!

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Salute to the Armed Forces

Today we honor all members of the US Armed Forces--veterans and the brave men and women on active duty--and cherish those who have fought for our freedom.

New this summer is a bronze statue that is especially fitting for today.

Happy Memorial Day!

You'll find this statue surrounded by red, white, and blue flowers behind the Music Express.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Don't Miss Your Chance!

2013 Season Passes are selling like hotcakes (or maybe funnel cakes is a more appropriate analogy).

We're selling a limited amount, and each day we're closer to being sold out for the season. To ensure that you'll be able to ride and slide all summer long with a season pass, get one today--online or here at the park.

Lots of rides and attractions to keep you and the kids busy this summer!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

10 New Reasons to Visit Waldameer this Summer

Every year there are plenty of new things at Waldameer to excite our Guests and make the park better than ever. Whether its a new ride, an updated midway game, or a delicious treat, there are always reasons to visit Waldameer each and every summer. This year will be no different, and to prove it, here are 10 great reasons to visit Waldameer this summer.

1. The All New Music Express Thrill Ride! This ride spins you backwards and forwards and boasts over 3,000 LED lights and heart-pounding music. Even if you aren't brave enough to ride, you'll still get a thrill watching your friends and family spin round and round!

2. An Updated Scrambler Ride! What's not to love about the Scrambler? We love it too! We love it so much, in fact, we relocated it, painted it, and bought a brand new LED light package for it! The Scrambler is still the same great family classic with a flashy new look.

3. The Ferris Wheel Overhaul! You may have noticed the Ferris Wheel went missing for the winter. Don't worry, its back and better than ever! We gave it some TLC this winter and this summer it will be as good as new! And to celebrate, Dave Belmondo of JET-TV 24 will be riding it opening weekend for 31 hours straight to set a new Guinness World Record!

4. The Ravine Flyer II Flies Smoother and Faster! In the off season, we had a crew visit Waldameer to replace sections of our signature coaster to make it a smoother, faster ride. Those who have rode it for "testing" purposes say it's better than it ever was! See for yourself this summer!

5. Seniors are 60! That's right, turn back time because Waldameer has lowered the age for seniors! That means that anyone 60 and over can enjoy our senior discounts on all our ride passes, including Season Passes. Now that's reason to celebrate!

6. Find Your Lost Children with "Phone Find". No matter how hard you try, every once in awhile, one of your little rugrats goes missing. To help you get reunited quick and easy, Waldameer introduces "Phone Find" wristbands this year. Available at Guest Services, these wristbands allow you to write your name and phone number on the band and place it on your child's wrist. Then, if your kid ever does get "misplaced", a Waldameer staff member can call your number on the band and reunite you quicker than ever!

7. Purchase Your All-Day Locker Online. Now when you plan your family trip to Waldameer, you not only can purchase your Combo Passes in advance in our Online Store, you can also purchase an All-Day Locker before you come as well! Just visit our Online Store, make your purchases, and print out your Combo Pass and Locker tickets. Then hop in the car and drive to Waldameer with your prepaid tickets. You'll save time and money!

8. Shorter Lines at the Comet! If you visited last season, you probably noticed the new braking system that was installed on the Comet. The new brakes make the coaster safer and more efficient and allow two trains to operate at once! That means shorter lines for your favorite classic family woodie!

9. Double the Size of Guest Service. We introduced our Guest Service building last season and it was a hit! We processed Season Passes faster and took care of all your comments and concerns to help make your day at Waldameer the best ever. This season, we decided to add two more windows at Guest Services to help you even more!

10. Spend the Night as close to Waldameer as you can! This fall, Waldameer purchased the Inn at Presque Isle, located at 6th and Peninsula. This means that you can stay overnight at the Inn, get great discounted tickets at the Inn, and stay as close as you possibly can to Waldameer at the Inn! Check out the Inn at Presque Isle's website to learn more!

Learn more at, or on Waldameer's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest sites!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Start the 2013 Season with a World Record

Big news from Waldameer Amusement Park yesterday.

When the park opens for it's 117th season, something historic is going to take place and Jet 24 is delighted to be part of it.

That's right, one month from today, May 11th, our very own intrepid reporter David Belmondo will be attempting to break the world record for riding a Ferris Wheel.

Hour after hour, over two days, Dave will be going round and round in the newly refurbished ride, overlooking the shores of Lake Erie.

You're invited to ride along if you want and be part of the fun.
Keep in mind though, Dave is a veteran of breaking world records; he's already in the Guinness book from a stunt back in 1980 where he's listed as "The Worlds Most Durable Disc Jockey."
He earned that title after spinning records for 2,016 hours. (84 days)

Anyone who wants to ride along with Dave on Mothers Day weekend, is invited to make a donation. All proceeds will benefit the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation.

Monday, January 21, 2013

No Coasters, No Problem!

Willowbrook, Illinois, January 19th, 2013. It's cold. There is a forecast of snow. It's the middle of another Northern winter. Sounds like a great place to have a coaster bash right?

It's what the American Coaster Enthusiasts call "No Coaster Con" and the name says it all. These coaster and themepark fanatics love the amusement industry so much, that even when they can't ride, they still want to talk about their passion; coasters. Beginning at 9:00am, this ACE event brings speakers and invitees from parks and manufacturers across the country to give insights and tell stories about their business. Parks such as Silver Dollar City, Dollywood, and Schlitterbahn Waterparks and manufacturers like Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters and Sally Corporation all joined the festivities to give updates. Of course, Waldameer & Water World was excited to be invited again to this awesome event as well.

President Steve Gorman speaking at No Coaster Con 2013
Steve Gorman gave an insider's look into Waldameer's 2012-2013 off season including photos from the installation of Waldameer's new ride, the Music Express, updates on the overhaul of the Ferris Wheel, and the re-tracking process on the Ravine Flyer II. All these juicy details and more were shared, giving the ACER's something to talk about until summer rolls around again.

To learn more about the American Coaster Enthusiasts, visit

Also, be sure to follow Waldameer on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for even more about Erie's favorite amusement park!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Accessible Family FUN!

Providing affordable family fun for everyone is a tradition that Waldameer & Water World prides itself in. Enjoying a day at the park with family and friends is what Waldameer is all about! To make sure every Guest that comes through our gates is able to enjoy our park, we have always made sure to do everything we can to make all aspects of the park accessible, especially for our Guests with disabilities. Providing special entrances to our attractions, building ramps, clearing pathways, and offering special wristbands for Guests who cannot wait in lines are only a few of the things we make available to make sure all our Guests enjoy everything Waldameer has to offer.

This coming March, the ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) will revise and update it's codes and laws pertaining to water attractions and accessibility in water facilities. These new rules update codes on ramps, pool lifts, and many other aspects of water facilities.

To make sure Water World continues to be accessible to all our Guests, Waldameer has made many changes in the past few years. The largest addition was the construction of the over 100' ramp to allow access to Water World's kiddie pools and Giant Body Slides. Another change was the Endless river bump steps allowing Guests in wheelchairs to "bump" down into the pool.
An example of a pool lift that will be installed at the Heated Relaxing Pool and the Inn's pool.
To make Water World's kiddie pool more accessible, the installation of a ramp was added to the pool. This will allow water wheelchairs and Guests unable to negotiate steps to enjoy the kiddie pools as well. Still to come for 2013 is the addition of two pool lifts to allow access to Water World's Heated Relaxing Pool as well as the Inn at Presque Isle's swimming pool. These lifts will be able to pick up a Guest and raise them into each pool so they can enjoy the water. These changes will cost over $15,000.00, but are well worth it in Waldameer's eyes. The more accessible Waldameer becomes, the more smiles and memories we can be a part of!