Friday, January 14, 2011

All Fenced In

Old Man Winter is still up to his old tricks, dumping piles of snow on Waldameer and the North End. But don't think for a second that a little snow is going to keep us from working! The North End says to Old Man Winter, "Bring it on!" as more and more progress is made at the new expansion site.

The latest news from the North End involves something blue and pink and it's not a baby shower. It's the Flying Swings and the SS Wally getting their fence! After the New Year Celebration, crews have been busy fencing the two new rides in order to have everything ready come April when the rides arrive from Italy. Since Wally Bear's favorite color is blue, he choose the fence for the SS Wally to be blue.

It was harder to choose a color for the Flying Swings fence but after looking at pictures of the ride, it was decided that the fence should be light pink.

Both of the fences look good so far. Wendy Bear is still trying to decide what color to paint the fence for her ride, Wendy's Tea Party, but she says she'll be ready when the time comes to decide.

Hopefully the bright colors will ward off Old Man Winter from dropping any more snow on Waldameer!


Jan B said...

I would love to know how you took that aerial view. It must have been from the coaster, but it looks so icy! Man, that shot makes me cold just looking at it.

Waldameer said...

How the aerial picture was taken? VERY CAREFULLY! Yes it was taken from the coaster and yes, it was very slippery, cold and windy!