Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Ride Arrives at the North End

The good ship SS Wally sailed into port today and docked in the North End. It has been a long journey for the small tug boat, sailing all the way from Italy. Rog's Rigging met the SS Wally in the parking lot to offload it from the container. Then it was high flying and tight driving all the way down to the North End where the ride was laid perfectly in position.
It was a tight squeeze to fit a whole ride in a container!
And we have lift off!
The production was caught on film by Action News 24, WICU and WSEE television stations along with a personal interview with Mr. Nelson. Stay tuned tonight for the evening broadcasts to catch a glimpse! The Erie Times News was also out to snap several photos for tomorrows printing of the paper.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the SS Wally!
Close to touchdown.
Now that one ride is here, we are still waiting on two more, Wendy's Tea Party and the Flying Swings. Wendy Bear has been tracking the progress of her ride and thinks it should arrive sometime in the first week of March. Meanwhile, crews are working hard to try and get the spot ready for the Tea Cups to sit. With a few more days filled with sun and warm weather, we should be ready just in time for the ride to arrive.


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