Monday, March 31, 2014

Test Your Knowledge on What's New for 2014

Since WaldaBlog's relaunch this past January, we have explored a many park improvement projects that have been in progress since September of 2013.  In the coming weeks we will embark on even more improvement activities.  However, our unpredictable weather threw a wrench into last week's plans to get started.  But looking on the bright side, we think this is the perfect time to test your New for 2014 knowledge.  Hint: Each answer can be found in WaldaBlog entries from January through March 2014.

1)   Many of Water World's slides received a makeover with bright new colors.  Midnight Plunge, along with new paint, was renamed _______.
a)   Lightning Run
b)   Presque Isle Plunge
c)   Liquid Lightning
d)   Polar Vortex

2)   Which ride received a brand new LED Lighting Package for the 2014 Season?
a)   Scrambler
b)   XScream
c)   Happy Swing
d)   Comet

3)   Where did Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Awards rank Ravine Flyer II on their list of Best Wooden Coasters in the World in 2013?
a)   12th
b)   10th
c)   8th
d)   6th

4)  This ride is celebrating its 15th Season in 2014, and received some upgrades for improved safety and comfort.
a)   Wipeout
b)   Thunder River
c)   Steel Dragon
d)   Ali Baba

5)   A brand new restroom facility is conveniently located where?
      a)   Next to West Ballroom picnic shelter
b)   In the North End
c)   Near the Main Ticket Booths
d)   Inside Rainbow Gardens

6)  These two rides had sections of track replaced in time for 2014.
a)   Ravine Flyer II and Ravine Flyer 3
b)   Ravine Flyer II and Comet
c)   Ravine Flyer II and Steel Dragon
d)   L. Ruth Express and Lil’ Toot

7)  Which nautical-themed ride is welcoming the return of its giant Treasure Chest?
a)   Sea Dragon
b)   SS Wally
c)   Pirate’s Cove
      d)   Wet Boats

Have your answers locked in? Drum Roll Please......

And the results are in.  See how you fared below.
1. C
2. B
3. D
4. D
5. A
6. B
7. C

Congratulations! You are now a New for 2014 Master and WaldaBlog Expert.  We can't thank you enough for following along with our relaunched WaldaBlog. Check back soon as our weather forecast is looking more promising for more fun improvements to take place as we say goodbye to a snowy March, and get ready to hit the ground running in April.  
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