Monday, April 11, 2011


With all the exciting things happening at the North End, it is easy to forget the other great things at Waldameer. But plenty of work is going on outside the North End to get the park ready for this summer including the first delivery of Waldameer's supply of plush. These stuffed animals and characters will line each midway game wall this summer eagerly waiting for a lucky Guest to "win" their hearts!
Rainbow Gardens looks stuffed with all this stuffed stuff!
All the bags and boxes get unloaded from a full semi truck into Rainbow Gardens where they are sorted and selected before being placed in storage.

The midway games aren't the only thing getting ready for summer. Waldameer's rides are starting to be dusted off and put back together for the summer season.
April showers call for an umbrella!
The first ride ready for summer!
Before you know it, the sun will be shining and Waldameer will be back to doing what it does best... Family Summer Fun!

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