Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Passing of the Torch

Even with near freezing temperatures, Waldameer was all smiles today as the new C.P. Huntington train engine and wheelchair accessible coach arrived this morning.
A short track for a new train!
The engine, painted sleek black and maroon, will replace Waldameer's 1971 C.P. Huntington that has been in operation since the early 1970's.
Old and New, side by side.
The new coach, painted bright blue, is equipped with a wheelchair accessible ramp allowing all Guests the opportunity to enjoy a ride on the train.
Brand new and all blue!
This season, the train will seem more colorful than usual, having a maroon engine and a blue coach followed by red coaches. Don't worry! It is not a mistake! Waldameer has plans to purchase a brand new blue engine, complete with three blue coaches this fall. This will allow Waldameer to operate two separate trains on weekends for the 2012 season. The more rides, the merrier!


Deg said...

Will the new train have speakers so the engineer can tell the history of the rides and park (similar to the Erie Zoo)?

Waldameer said...

Yes! The new train will have a speaker system just like the old train. The engineer will be able to tell about Waldameer's sights and attractions while riders lazily chug through the park.

Anonymous said...

is the new train steam powered or gas powered? and can you tell a little more about the new train.

Waldameer said...

The new train engine is gas powered, just like our old train. I am not sure if Chance makes a steam powered engine. If you want to know more, ask away!

Anonymous said...

Chance does not make a steam powered train, only gasoline, diesel, and propane powered trains. I'm looking forward to going for a ride behind the new locomotive! When will Waldameer be getting a second train?