Monday, March 14, 2011

Up, Up and Away

It was a beautiful day to fly today. Fly the Flying Swings that is! The first container arrived this morning in Waldameer's parking lot carrying the first batch of pieces to the third and final ride featured in the new North End.
Blue seats galore! Some even fit two riders so kids can ride with their parents.
Inside the 18-wheeler were plenty of blue seats, frames and of course, the monstrous center of the ride. Everything was unloaded and put to the side while everyone focused on lifting, tilting and setting the center piece at its new home.
How do you remove a 33,000 pound ride part? Very carefully!
But the Flying Swings ride is so huge that there are more pieces coming tomorrow! Two whole containers are arriving tomorrow to deliver the remaining parts and pieces needed to complete the main attraction of the North End. For now, the lonely center stands tall, looking out over the lake and waiting for warmer weather.
The first part of the Flying Swings, standing tall.

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