Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big, Bright and Colorful

It was another exciting day in the Waldameer parking lot today. The final two containers arrived on time filled with tons of colorful paneling to fit on the Flying Swings. All the pieces had thousands of lights and were beautifully painted with bright colors. Some of the pieces even had hand-painted murals of Italy on them!
Stacked and ready to unload.
Colorful tops to crown the Flying Swings!
All of the parts and pieces were stored away until it is time for assembly of the ride.
The metal racks kept the pieces safe during transit.
A for Wendy's Tea Cup ride, we just couldn't wait to put some of the pieces together! The circular track and the rotating platforms were put in place today just to see if they would fit. It all came together like a puzzle!
Something is missing in this picture. Maybe a few tea cups!
Now all that's needed is a few tea cups and a tea pot and kids will be spinning in no time!

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