Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wally Bear: Origins

Giant teddy bear. Soft, cuddly fur. Button nose.

We all know and love him. If Waldameer could be encapsulated (don't act like you're not impressed) into one person, one figurehead, one would be Wally Bear.

Exhibit A:
We know he wears a constant smile, is physically unable to blink, and loves to wave.
We don't know: Who is Wally Bear? How is a teddy bear alive? How come he's so big?
(chuckle) Young padawan, all your questions will be answered.
The Story of Wally Bear will be told...soon.

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SplashingFun's WaterBlog said...

about your food poll...
I love that all your burgers and fries are char-grilled, and the fries are the best IMO and even better than Kennywood's Potato Patch, because I don't need all that extra gravy to cover up my potatoes!
My favorite foods at Waldameer are the char-grilled burgers, potato patch fries, and the fried apple slices covered in raspberry sauce and whipped cream. My Godson's favorite is the huge cookie with ice-cold milk.
All the food at Waldameer is great, and it's the ONLY amusement park that I'm want to finish everything I ordered!