Thursday, January 15, 2009

More 2009 Details...

Supplied by Italian manufacturer Zamperla
Will be named in a contest (similar to the Steel Dragon and X Scream)

Will be installed near the new ride
All proceeds (tossed coins) go to the American Red Cross

With seating, bronze statues, and an integrated music system

Reworked nearly one-third of a mile of the railroad
Four sets of crossing gates

Making the grove total 22

More room for approximately 200 more cars

Of the Steel Dragon, Merry Go Round picnic grove, and Rainbow Gardens interior


Thomas said...

Any info on when the Naming Contest will be held for the Mega Disk-O? I have one I'd like to submit!

Joe said...

Is it possible to perhaps see a 2-train operation on the Comet coaster, in the near future?

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

In the past, The Comet did have two trains operated, however we haven't went back to this in many years. It's safer to use only one train at a time because the brakes are manually controlled.

Anonymous said...

i would like to see waldameer plan to make a all steel rollercoster some time by 2010. i would like to know if waldameer is planing anything like that or a lil hint that something will be coming. so far waldameer has been doing good keeping new rides coming every year. as a person living in erie all my life i feel like waldameer can do better and has with the new rollercoaster that they just put in the park in 2008. now everyone is really wanting to know when were geting a steel rollercoaster other then the lil steel dragon. knowing this people would help pay for a new bigger better steel rollercoaster. please let me know if u guys plan on doing anything like that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the enthusiam! The RF II took over a decade from start to finish so currently we're just aiming to get back our investment. Also, coasters take a lot of space, which we don't have enough of. Even if we did, I think we'd rather have multiple future rides than another coaster for thrill seekers. Thanks for the feedback!

justin said...

thanks for geting back to me on that about the steel rollercoster. i really know u guys dont have much room to work with and that rollercoasters do take up alot of room but i really wanted to know even if u guys are not going to put in a rollercoaster, could u guys think of puting in new water rides and slides? i know it took along time to build that coaster beacuse of the city and things like that. what do u guys plan by 2020? where do u see the park then from now and is there any help i can do to get involved in helping out at the park as in really good ideas? oh and before i forget will u guys ever get gocarts? that would be sweet. please let me know.

Anonymous said...

We have discussed adding to the waterpark and we definitely hope to sometime in the future. As for 2020, we don't think that far ahead. Right now, our main focus is the Mega Disk'O and the 2009 season. After that, who knows? This blog and the commenting feature are great ways for you to tell us what you want. We want to hear your feedback. I'm not sure about go-carts; I don't think we've discussed that before.

justin said...

ok thanks. well i like this blog and that u guys do read the comments. erie is really not a fun place only in the summer time when u are open. i love the new coster. well i had a idea and wanted to know what u think. i wanted to donate money to you guys in the hope that i can help with the park. i am having a lil one on the way and would like my kid to come to ur park and know i helped you guys out. and one more thing that other park that went under conneaut park because they had no more money and there trying to stay open. i think im right about that. would the owner ever think about helping them out by buyin that park and fixing it up to make people come there? i was thinking he would not have to put much money into it. i would and a few groups im involed in would pitch in to help out. think about it the long term. u have two parks that can bring in alot of money. but i think my mind is too much some times lol. but i think i have really good ideas and the group im with would even give to you guys to help improve the park. also i wanted to know who this is who reads this. well please get back to me on this.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoy the park so much. I don't think we can accept donations because we're not a non-profit organization. You can still show your support by visiting us though. It's too bad about Conneaut Park but I'm sure one amusement park is quite a handful, let alone two! Lastly, my name is David and I'm the official Waldablogger.