Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Extreme Makeover: Rides Edition

To many, Waldameer and Water World is long asleep for the Fall and Winter.  To the year-round Waldameer and Water World Team Members, the park is as busy as ever.  The Wave Pool hole expands each time we pass by, the new Ticket Booths by the Arcade have broken ground, and some of our rides are undergoing some significant cosmetic and functional improvements.   Let's take a Fall walk in the park to see which of our favorite family and thrill rides are being refreshed for the 2015 Season.

Sea Dragon has been in dry docked for the winter as Captain Tim and his Shipmates are overhauling the venerable viking ship. From the keel to the mast, nothing is going untouched. Once we complete our painting and refurbishment of the ship itself, look out for a new operator booth and enhancements to the exit ramp to increase efficiency and safety. Before you know it, Sea Dragon will be ship shape for another 22 years of swinging through turbulent waves. Watch where you step, there is a lot of wet paint! Smudge the paint, you may have to walk the plank!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the snow holds off for just a little while longer as it's no quick task to cover all 60 feet in fresh paint.
No worries, this boring gray is just the primer. As we speak Sea Dragon's support structure is carefully being refreshed with a bold dark red color.
A closer look at the dark red paint being applied.
Over in the shop, the ship is stripped down to it's bare bones.  Once inspection and repainting are complete, the refurbished outer shell will be re-installed.
Tilt-A-Whirl is undergoing several changes to significantly improve accessibility and convenience. Most excitingly, a new ADA compliant exit ramp has been installed for the convenience of guests by eliminating those treacherous stairs. To direct traffic more efficiently, a new queue area has been installed to accommodate more guests in a more organized fashion on those busy weekends.

Now that is a much smoother transition from Tilt-A-Whirl back to the midway.
The queue area is looking fresh with a beautiful red paint job.
Speaking of fresh paint and organized queue areas, Spider and Merry-Go-Round are both undergoing or have underwent some functional improvements. For example, we have doubled the queue capacity of Spider to alleviate the congested midway on busy days.
No more confusion or overcrowding on those busy days anymore!
Last, but certainly not least, Merry-Go-Round will have a new queue area and exit ramp installed to make way for a delicious addition to Waldameer's concession selection. What kind of addition you may ask? The answer to that question will have to wait for another time.
Everyone will still board from the main midway, but Merry-Go-Rounds's exit will now conveniently share a wheelchair accessible ramp near Comet's exit.
No doubt about it, Waldameer and Water World is as "busy" as ever as we dive into November. As always, we are committed to improving and enhancing the park to meet the continuously evolving needs of our loyal guests.

PS: Pack your bags and warm weather attire, we are going on a road trip for our next WaldaBlog adventure!

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