Monday, April 21, 2014

A Grand Entrance to Family Fun

Sometimes Waldameer and Water World needs to make a difficult decision in the best interest of our guest experience.  While developing a solution to address the needs of our growing attendance, we needed some extra space. That extra space was occupied by a ride that has been a part of Waldameer's Kiddie selection since 1983, Mini Enterprise.
Mini Enterprise 1983-2013.
Due to declining ridership and a need for a 2014 expansion space, Mini Enterprise will no longer be operating at Waldameer.  However, Mini Enterprise is not headed for the scrapyard. Our friends from another family-owned park, Alabama's Splash Adventure Park, are pleased to offer a home to Mini Enterprise as a part of their children's area expansion.
Mini Enterprise may not be that huge, but they needed some heavy equipment.
We have lift-off!
The Helicopters and UFOs have a long flight ahead all the way to Alabama.
All packed up.  The last view we will ever have of Mini Enterprise at Waldameer. Sniff. Sniff.
What might be replacing Mini Enterprise?  Our 2014 Park Improvement Map will guide the way.
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Yes, we are doubling our Ticket Booth capacity!  Not only will you find shorter lines when getting your wristbands, but by popular demand there will be express lines exclusively for Season Pass Holders! Due to the extensive design process and busy list of other off-season improvements, we will complete this project over the course of the Summer.  But you may be wondering, why is one entrance to the park getting new ticket booths, but not the other?  Well, let's just say what's coming in 2015 will be so huge that we need to completely re-route how you enter the park from the Peninsula Drive Parking Lot.  Once we have the new parking lot and entrance configuration complete, we can build yet another section of brand new ticket booths in time for 2015.
Mini Enterprise's former location won't be empty for long!
But we aren't finished yet!  2014 will be the last season for our original ticket booths next to Merry-Go-Round.  This change will probably be the best example of addition by subtraction at Waldameer you might ever see.  No more congested midways!  Just think about how nice it will be to not have to squeeze your way around others, or how easy it will be for strollers, wagons, and wheelchairs to pass through that part of the park!  It will truly be a breath of fresh air.
2014 will be our last season with our existing Ticket Booths.  Just imagine how nice that wide open Midway will feel.

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