Monday, February 10, 2014

Growing Comforts for a Growing Park.

A key theme of this 2013-2014 offseason has been improvements to Waldameer's infrastructure. You can think of infrastructure as the inner workings and logistics of Waldameer.  At Waldameer, infrastructure goes beyond just the rides and slides.  Infrastructure includes several things such as the following: having enough seating for families to share meals together, enough parking for thousands of cars, having enough games available to challenge growing crowds, designing a midway that doesn't get congested, and making sure our ride queue lines are organized and not overflowing.  This week we are proud to share with you an infrastructure addition that will surely provide for a more comfortable visit to Waldameer!
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What's that? Looks like another improvement got checked off!

Perhaps this heated box is the warmest place in the City of Erie!
One critical piece of infrastructure that Waldameer is addressing is having enough restrooms in convenient locations.  As Waldameer's midways branched out, new attractions became further and further from existing restrooms.  In 2014, that will all change. Perhaps our largest ongoing construction project is a new modern restroom facility.  These restrooms can be found right next to Steel Dragon and under "Big Thunder" of Thunder River.  These aren't just your basic run-of-the-mill ladies and men's restrooms, but modern facilities that will also feature the much needed convenience of family restrooms that are easily accessible and accommodating for a variety of needs.

An Inside look gives us an idea of what to expect once construction is completed.  On the far end is the ladies and men's rooms, and closest to us will be two family restrooms.
Another neat feature of these new restrooms is a convenience for your furry friends! Your dog will never have to go thirsty with the new doggie drinking fountain!  As being one of the rare pet-friendly amusement parks, we thought our canine friends could use a comfortable place to rest and rehydrate on those hot summer days! 

New restrooms aren't our only major construction project for 2014, make sure you keep an eye out for a post in the coming weeks about a major change that will significantly benefit our guests as they enter the park! Stay Tuned!

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