Monday, January 13, 2014

Time to Start Thinking Warm!

What a relief to see that our "polar vortex" of a winter storm gave way to some unseasonably warm temperatures.  This brief winter thaw gave us the perfect opportunity to easily explore the park and check on many of our offseason improvement activities.  In celebration of this "heat wave," let us begin our exploring in the most popular part of Waldameer on super hot days, Water World.

In case you haven’t caught word on our Facebook or Twitter, or taken a stroll along Peninsula Drive to see them, many of our waterslides have received a makeover.   No longer are white, teal, and black the main colors of Water World.  Instead, we have a vibrant array of lime green, striking yellow, bright blue, and dazzling orange.
Bermuda Triangle showing off it's new "Bermuda Colors."
Along with new colors, you can expect a much smoother and even safer ride on our original Giant Slides, Lake Erie Dip and Presque Isle Plunge.  With the new paint also comes a slick new sliding surface that uses a new gel coating to make these already fun slides just a little more wild!

Lake Erie Dip and Presque Isle Plunge are ready to wow sliders with their new smoother and faster slide Surface.  Anyone up for a race?

New improvements sometimes mean we have to wave goodbye to older traditions.  Midnight Plunge has been our granddaddy of water slides at Water World for over two decades, but we decided we can do even better with the same slide.  With new paint on the outside, there is increased darkness while you navigate the stormy waters as the original brief peeks of light are much darker.  Right as you think you have conquered the dark storm, you are diving straight down into the pool below as sudden as a flash of lightning.  Fittingly, this new experience is named, “Liquid Lightning.” Are you ready to weather the storm?

Liquid Lightning (right) looks ready to strike next to an awesome assortment of new colors on Awesome Twosome (left).
With many of our current water slides looking sharp with all of their bright new colors, they will surely be ready to stand tall and proud next to their new "wavy" neighbor opening in 2015! Stay Tuned…
Can you picture all 26,000 square feet of it?

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