Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun for All

Waldameer has been around for 116 years, providing fun and entertainment to plenty of families over the years. As the park has grown, it has always tried to make as much available to all of its Guests, including those with a disability. When constructing new rides or extending the midway, it is standard procedure to follow all of the rules and guidelines to make Waldameer accessible to all Guests. Waldameer loves to see families enjoying the park together and by making the park accessible, more families can do just that.

With new regulations and guidelines that went into effect in March of this year, Waldameer made some changes again in order to make the water park more accessible and more enjoyable to more of its Guests. You may have seen a photo or two of the new bridge that spans the Endless River, allowing strollers, wheelchairs, and wagons to cross over into the Kiddie Pool area.

Another project that will be completed before Water World opens for the season will be a special set of steps to allow Guests in wheelchairs to get into the Endless River. These bump steps, as they are called, will be located in the Kiddie Pool area and will make the Endless River more accessible.

These projects are big jobs but will provide big improvements to the water park. The more Guests can enjoy Waldameer's family fun atmosphere, the better!


Anonymous said...

Where will the tubes be stacked?!

Waldameer said...

We will have to figure that one out! It is more important to have the steps than it is to stack the tubes.

Rose Eva said...

Looking forward to going to the park for one last time before moving away from Erie to England! :)