Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Photos From Boonton, New Jersey

Well, it's official. Zamperla IS making Waldameer a Happy Swing for this coming summer! Not that anyone had any doubts!

These photos were taken in Zamperla's Boonton, New Jersey shop as they tested the lighting package they just finished installing. The ride will be the center of attention in Kiddieland this summer with its brilliant white LED lights. This is Waldameer's first time trying out an LED lighting package on a ride.

When designing the ride, most of the standard theming was used from Zamperla, including the wave behind the "Happy Swing" letters. There could have been a dolphin jumping the wave above the "Happy Swing" letters, but after a second thought, there aren't any dolphins in Lake Erie!

The sides of the ride were customized to make this Happy Swing truly Waldameer's with the signature colored logo on the right side. This fits right with the color scheme of the children's ride. And adults, don't worry, you can ride too! Just like the Frog Hopper, the Happy Swing has larger seats to let you ride with your kids!

The ride fits just perfectly into the area in front of the Ravine Flyer 3 kiddie coaster where everyone can see the beautiful ride. You can see all of the construction photos as we prepare for the summer on our Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

The LED's are amazing. Keep up the excellent work!