Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Captian Hook Lost His Island!

Don't ask how, but it seems the infamous Captian Hook has lost his Treasure Island!

Well, it isn't really lost (even though he looks pretty lost without it). Winter maintenance has moved on to the project of rebuiling the old backdrop for the nationally renowned Pirate's Cove. Designed by Bill Tracy, this ride has been through 40 years of laughs and scares as Guests walkthrough this pirate themed walk-through. But the backdrop was showing signs of wear and with the wonderful winter weather Erie has experienced, it seemed a great time to rebuild the tired backdrop.

Don't worry you die-hard Bill Tracy fans! Waldameer took many photos of the backdrop and are going to restore it to its previous glory. The Art Department at Mercyhurst College has elected to gather a group of exceptional art students to repaint the backdrop and have it ready for display for this coming season.

So never fear el Capitan! Your Treasure Island will be found once again. And when it is, cry "Land, ho!"


Anonymous said...

Can we expect some more updates in honor of The Cove's 40th Anniversary?

Waldameer said...

The Pirate's Cove will surely be in great shape for this season!

Anonymous said...

Is it Mercyhurst or Behrend students? Your twitter says one thing and your blog another.

Waldameer said...

The project began as a Mercyhurst undertaking but it fell through. Now, Behrend students have taken on the task and are doing a great job so far!