Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Waldameer Goes Cashless!

It's been a long time since a Waldameer update. So many things have happened in the few short months following Labor Day Weekend. Most of the park has been prepared for another Erie winter by covering up and tearing down signs, rides, tables and benches. But don't think Waldameer packs up and quits for the winter! Plenty of things are happening at the park to make it an even better place to visit in the summer!

The most drastic change that is happening for 2012 is the park is going cashless! That's right, cashless. But what does that really mean? How will our Guests pay for things?

Since 2010, Waldameer has been using its new bar-code system to operate the park. With this system, Waldameer was able to introduce its own type of money called Wally Points. These points can be put on a Wally Card and spent anywhere in the park. You can recharge your Wally Card, put any amount on it and use it for the rest of your life! Wally Cards have worked so well that for the 2012 season, Waldameer will only accept Wally Cards, Credit/Debit cards and Gift Cards to purchase items inside the park. The only place cash will still be accepted will be the Merry-Go-Round Ticket Booths, the Arcade and Wally Card Kiosks.

To make it easier to get a Wally Card, eight new self-serve Wally Card Kiosks are being installed throughout the park. These big, yellow stands allow Guests to purchase, reload and check balances on any Wally Card. With eight new kiosks, it will be eight times easier to get your very own Wally Card!

Stay tuned for more exciting winter news!


Anonymous said...

Old post, I know, but, it's something being discussed on themeparkreview. There is a lot of concern over what happens to the balance on the card at the end of the day. Not everybody is local to the park to be able to use the balance another time. There really needs to be a way to get a refund on the balance of the card.

Waldameer said...

If you purchase a Wally Card and don't use all the points in one day, you can use the card on your next visit. The points never expire! You can also recharge the card as you go so if you are worried about leftover points, just recharge your Wally Card often. And of course, instead of using Wally Cards in the park, you can always use a credit/debit card for all your purchases, except for midway games and individual rides.