Sunday, May 1, 2011

They Rode It First!

Our WQLN "Ride it First" Event is underway and even the sun decided to show yesterday! Eager guests and riders came out to support our local public radio and TV station by paying a few dollars to be the first to ride the three new rides in the North End. All the proceeds are being donated to WQLN in support of their broadcasting.
With the sun shining, the North End showcases its wonderful colors.
Today, even with the chance of rain, riders are braving the weather and riding Waldameer's new rides. WQLN's even runs the rest of the day today until 6:00pm. The next chance the public will get the opportunity to ride will be on Waldameer's opening day of the season starting May 7th.


justin said...

hope now that you put these new rides in that you guys will be planing to make more rides for the people from 16-30 like more costers or a indoor ride or something cool and if you guys plan on doing that next year can u tell us yet what it is?

Waldameer said...

After all the work we put in to bring you the North End, we obviously need a moment to take a breath! But that doesn't mean we stop planning! There are all sorts of plans in the works that will surely excite all of our Guests.

linearinduction said...

Bravo Waldameer! You have really done an Amazing Job with the North End! I wish I could make it from Salt Lake City, Utah, to experience Waldameer again this summer, but I'm looking forward to when I visit in 2012!

- Sid