Monday, April 19, 2010

Planning for the Thrillingly Delicious Future

Planning ahead at Waldameer takes vision and a whole lot of smarts. Seeing into the future is a learned talent, not a gift. While we wish rides came in little packets full of seeds, we have to seriously think through countless issues before deciding on expansion. Once the future vision id thought through, it is hard not to see it in the mind's eye. While most of Waldameer's focus is on this coming season with all its new and exciting additions, we can't help but plan for the future.
While trenching and digging up asphalt for pipes to hold wires in order for the new turnstiles to read wristbands, we found ourselves planning ahead for the future. More pipes found their way into the freshly dug ground that are currently empty.

Strange you may think. But this is all for a reason. That reason being our future plans for the Merry-Go-Round shelter and the area in front of it. Sources may tell you that down the road, the Merry-Go-Round shelter will become a one-of-a-kind Food Court full of many different varieties of food! This past carousel building will house many different meal options and have plenty of seating for you and your family to enjoy.
But the future doesn't stop there... the area in front of the Merry-Go-Round shelter is said to be the home of a brand new thrill ride. Not much can be said about this new thriller but it will surely put your socks in a twist! So get excited, not only for this season but future seasons as well!
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