Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The New Year Calls for New Things

Happy New Year Everyone! It's been awhile since a post has been posted but what better time for an update than the start of a new year? Since the park closed, the maintenance staff has been busy packing things away. Rides are dismantled, signs are taken down and snow has begun to fall. With Waldameer put to bed, maintenance is being done on rides in the shop, picnics are being booked for our 2010 season and new things are being planned for summer already.

The most exciting plans involve Waldameer's creative side. For the Imagination Station, a new spin art tee-shirt station will be introduced. Aspiring artists will be able to pick out a plain tee-shirt, spin some color into it and wear it the rest of the day! (Just be sure the paint dries before hugging anyone) Choose between black and white shirts and a variety of different colors to create your fashion statement.

New additions to the airbrush station in the Gift House will be in your face next summer... Literally! Waldameer plans to offer airbrush face painting for anyone craving a colorful tribal design on their face. And for all you glitter fans, you can even add glitter to your airbrush face paint design! The airbrush face painting will be located right next to the airbrush tattoos in the entrance to the Gift Shop.

Hope that gets all your creative juices flowing for next season!
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