Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inside the Gravity Group

Hopefully by now you've all ridden the Ravine Flyer II. You've certainly read enough on the blog to know about it. You've seen pictures of the construction...but what do you know about the RF II design and designers?

Well, don't worry; you'll find out soon enough. The Gravity Group is the company that designed the coaster and they do a podcast with their designers. This week's podcast is all about, you guessed it, Waldameer and the RF II. Besides the designers, their podcast has an exclusive interview with Waldameer owner, Paul Nelson.

It's not all facts and figures. To my surprise, it was pretty entertaining and the designers are amusing.

Gravity Group's Podcast

On the Gravity Group's website, they have a portfolio of all their coasters. They include RF II design renderings, construction photos, and a video of the ride.

Gravity Group's Ravine Flyer II Portfolio

Thanks Gravity Group for an awesome coaster!
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