Thursday, September 4, 2008


You've waited long enough (and if not, then pretend). You may know more than you think from my teaser clue...but here's the long and short of it. Ready? The surprise announcement is...there are three surprise announcements. Tricky, huh? I'll break it down for you:

We all know the Ravine Flyer II has received great reviews from customers, coaster enthusiasts, and coaster clubs. However, it has yet to receive any international recognition. Until now, that is. Yesterday, owner Paul Nelson and president Steve Gorman traveled to the Amusement Today magazine's Golden Ticket award ceremony in Florida.

A little background: Amusement Today is one of the leading publications covering amusement parks in the world. They conduct a survey among amusement experts and award Golden Tickets annually. Golden Tickets are highly regarded and sought after in our industry.

The Ravine Flyer II won the BEST NEW RIDE FOR THE 2008 SEASON!

Amusement Today didn't stop there. Paul Nelson was recognized as PERSON OF THE YEAR. The Person of the Year award is the publisher's choice and it commends Nelson's steadfast dedication and personal commitment to Waldameer Park as well as the Erie community. Nelson had the vision, belief, and perseverance necessary in order to achieve one of his highest dreams and aspirations: the installment of the Ravine Flyer II.

The best part of it? Nelson didn't know he had won the award. Everyone involved kept it a secret while he went to Florida expecting only one Golden Ticket! Surprise!

Due to the enormous success of the Ravine Flyer II and the park's best season in history, Paul Nelson already has his sights on Waldameer's next great attraction. Both Nelson and Gorman will be checking out the POTENTIAL NEW RIDE while in Florida. Will be ready for the 2009 season? Nothing definite yet.

Congrats to Paul Nelson and his impressive legacy!

Whew! That's about all we know for now. I'm sure I'll have more to tell later...Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I think its fantastic for Erie, the Park and especially for Paul Nelson to recieve such reviews for all of his efforts in the completion of The Ravine Flyer II. He really is a hard working man and is very active in the maintenance and improvements at the park. I used to work for a company that rented construction equipment and I never forget what a down to earth guy he is. I can remember all the red tape he had to go thru and truly have an appreciation and respect this great acomplishment. Congrats Paul!!!