Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Test Your Knowledge

We've had a few Walda-History lessons about THEN, but what about a challenge about NOW?

Warning: If you cheat and look ahead at the answers, Wally Bear will cry.

1. We have two dark rides: the Pirate's Cove and the ________.
A) The Shanty Shack
B) The Whacky Shack
C) The Spooky Shack

2. Star 104 ran a Sky Ride contest a few years ago. What did contestants have to do?
A) yell to as many people as possible
B) ride as long as possible
C) name as many rides as possible

3. What two rides have been named by the public?
A) Steel Dragon and Ravine Flyer II
B) Thunder River and Steel Dragon
C) Steel Dragon and X Scream

4. Who is Wally Bear's furry friend?
A) Wendy Bear
B) Wanda Bear
C) Whitney Bear

5. Which does not belong?
A) Dodgems
B) Bumper Cars
C) Flume

6. You can get a great view of ________ on the Ravine Flyer II's first hill.
A) Canada, eh!
B) Lake Erie
C) Your life flashing before your eyes

7. Besides horses, what other animal is on the Carousel?
A) gazelle
B) lion
C) dragon

8. What is the most amazing game in the world? Hint: hammer + strength = winner
A) American High Striker
B) World's Strongest Man, Woman, or Child
C) Hit That Thing Really Hard

9. What is one food item we do not offer?
A) kettle corn
B) Dip 'N' Dots
C) elephant ears

10. What century was Waldameer established?
A) 18th century
B) 19th century
C) 20th century

1. B, 2. B, 3. C, 4. A, 5. C, 6. ABC, 7. C, 8. A, 9. A, 10. B

0-3 Correct: Wally Bear Wanna-be
4-6 Correct: Wally Bear Wiseguy
7-9 Correct: Wally Bear Winner
10 Correct: Wally Bear Extraordinaire
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