Saturday, June 7, 2008

John McCain Loved the RF II

I was looking though some new pictures of the Ravine Flyer II (provided by Theme Park Review. Thanks!) and I came across one that caught my interest. I did a double-take. Senator John McCain? He rode the coaster? What? Take a look for yourself:

Maybe he took his campaign team for a field trip?

Here's a close-up for your viewing pleasure:

Yup, that's John. It looks like he's enjoying himself. I guess we can officially say that 2008 Presidential Republican nominee John McCain endorses the Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer.


To Waldablog readers: Unfortunately, this isn't John McCain...and he does not in fact endorse us.

To John McCain: Joke? Haha?


Nicholas Tucker said...

Haha wow it really does look like him.

Anonymous said...

That's me and my dad! I'm not even kidding!! We went opening day and I'm wearing my Beast sweatshirt right next to him!